Clare Russell, the current Laird’s mother, is the author of four splendid books, all inspired by her love for the culture, the countryside and, above all else, the cuisine of Speyside and the Scottish Highlands.

Her three recipe books, I Love Food, I Love Food 2, and I Love Food 3, have been widely commended for their accessibility, versatility, imagination and charming humour, and in I Love Banffshire, her wonderful tribute to the people and the place, she captures for posterity the richness and diversity of this historic county.

‘I Love Food’ and ‘I Love Food 2’ have been enormous fun and I have made many lovely friends and acquaintances through writing these books, which have managed to find their way to most of the British Royal Family as well as to the White House!

If you watch television, you might think that everyone aspires to cooking like a celebrity chef, but few of us, in reality, have the time. I don’t presume at all to be a ‘Master Chef’ – just a home cook who loves traditional food. I have two recipe categories - ‘posh food and comfort food’ - and in my books I try to show how even easy recipes can be made ‘simply elegant’.

Clare Russell

All three books are available from the Castle Shop, or direct from the authors website, which can be found at

All proceeds from I Love Banffshire are donated to local charities, and to date over £25,000 has been raised.

Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens. Books

I Love Food (£25)

This book of ravishing recipes features stunning photography along with personal observations, cartoons, poems and family photos. Starters, mains, puddings, teas, ‘naughties’, nibbles and greens are given a classy modern Scottish Highland twist – and you’ll even find a few treats here for the dog in your life!

I Love Food is a different, fun, informative, entertaining and, above all, practical cookbook for busy modern lives. As Clare says, “I do hope that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and that your motto, too, will become ‘taste, ease and speed’.”

“At last a book that has helped me overcome my fear of cooking! The recipes are easy to use and look amazing. I highly recommend this book to everyone, as it caters not only for dinner parties but also has some v quick supper and lunch dishes.” [iona186]

“The recipes are simple and easy to follow with a great injection of humour – the results are amazing; honestly, they are. There is everything in this book including recipes for the dog and ‘midnight feasts’!” [David A. Jamieson]

Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens. Books

I Love Food 2 (£25)

Following the success of I Love Food, Clare Macpherson-Grant Russell received so many requests for second helpings that she has now produced I Love Food 2. Full of fabulous recipes, amazing photographs, poems, sayings and ‘quirky bits’, this further feast of sophisticated culinary know-how is an elegant cook book, equally at home on both the kitchen table and the coffee table.

The book reflects Clare’s love of food, family and her idyllic Speyside surroundings. “I love food,” says Clare, “but I am not prepared to spend hours slaving over a cooker”, and so the recipes in this book are designed to achieve mouth-watering results with the minimum of time and effort.

The fantastic food photographs, all taken inside or around the Castle, reflect the combined skills of brilliant Castle chef Kenny Flesh, and Inverness photographer John Paul.

Apart from food, Clare’s other passion is dogs, and the ‘Woof!’ pages feature recipes concocted especially for man’s best friend. You’ll find also ‘Miaow’ for cats and ‘Tweet’ for garden birds, and a section on the recommended diet for another of Ballindalloch’s furry inhabitants, the Red Squirrel.

“As good as the original I Love Food which was excellent and have recommended it to several other foodie friends.” [Mrs Anne Dawson]

“Bought this for my wife as a Christmas present. Had previously bought her the 1st book and she loved it. Been drooling over some of the recipes so looking forward to sampling some of the dishes in due course. Wife spent Christmas flicking through the pages and seemed highly satisfied with this gift.” [Mr Les Harrow]

Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens. Books

I Love Food 3 (£25)

Following on from the success of her cookery book series ‘I Love Food’ and ‘I Love Food 2’, Clare now presents a third helping of recipes reflecting her love of easy home cooked food, family and the ravishing Speyside surroundings she adores.

“I have every book of Clare Russell and they are my favourite cookbooks of all. BRILLiANT recipes and delicious too!”

Signed copies of the ‘I Love Food’ series can be purchase directly from the author’s website

Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens. Books

I Love Banffshire (£30+P&P)

Imagine a whole county beautifully encapsulated and portrayed within one book. Well, that is what Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire, Clare Russell, has achieved in I Love Banffshire, a spectacular 200-page book ‘by the people and for the people’ of the county.

Following on from her hugely successful recipe books, Clare’s work as Lord Lieutenant inspired her to capture for posterity the richness and diversity of her county – its glorious landscapes, towns, villages, coast, culture, history, personalities and many other aspects – in a memorable collection of stunning photographs and features. Uniquely, the book primarily comprises photographs and submissions by the county’s many photographers and artists, both professional and amateur, complemented by some of Clare’s recipes and anecdotes.

A strictly limited edition of 3,000, each copy numbered and signed by the author, has been produced by Heritage House Group, with a choice of either blue or pink dust jacket covers.