Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens. We're Good to Go! Keeping you safe

Welcome to our page on the additional arrangements that we have made to keep you safe when you visit the Gardens at Ballindalloch Castle.

Before you travel

  • Do you or anyone in your household have any of the following symptoms?
    • A new persistent cough
    • Fever
    • Shortness of breath
    • Loss of smell or taste
  • If the answer is YES, please do not travel and, for the sake of others, stay at home for at least 14 days until all symptoms have passed.
  • We also recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser with you to carry around the property, in case you need to touch benches, table, etc.

For any further information, please see:

On arrival

  • In order to cut down on the chances of the virus being transmitted via cash, we would be very grateful if you come prepared to pay by card.
  • We have a contactless card machine at the Admissions Hut.
  • The limit has been raised to £45 per transaction and so plenty for covering the entrance fee.


  • Please do adhere to the latest social distancing rules at all times – that means a distance of at least 2m (6½ feet) between you and anyone else not in your household.
  • I am afraid that it has not been possible to open the Castle for safety reasons.
  • Due to the confined, enclosed space we have not been able to open the Audiovisual, but the new short film about Ballindalloch will be available to watch on our website by the end of July.


  • These are 100% open for you to enjoy, particularly the Front Border.
  • The gates to the Walled Garden will be left open in order to avoid the need to touch the handles.
  • There should be plenty of room to manoeuvre past people at a distance of 2m at all points. Please be considerate to others in this respect – at some points, for instance in the Laburnum Archway, it may be necessary to wait to let others pass.
  • The model Train Station will also be available to visit, with the door being left open in order to facilitate access.


  • Gemma has this open now for sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks, teas and coffees – indeed she is looking forward to showing off the new espresso coffee machine that she has just installed!
  • Everything will be on a takeaway basis until restrictions are lifted further. Ordering will be on the basis of one person or household at the counter inside at any one time.


  • This is open for use by visitors at their own risk.
  • Parents, guardians or carers are asked to behave responsibly in relation to their children’s use of the Playground.
  • I am afraid that for safety reasons we have not been able to put out the ride-on toys or the go-karts for use by visitors


  • These will look a little different to normal! We have removed any items or furnishings where the coronavirus might be able to hide…
  • We will be checking and cleaning the toilets two times a day.
  • There are hand sanitiser dispensers on the wall for your use in addition to washing your hands as normal.

We hope that you will have a lovely time when you visit here…

Guy Macpherson-Grant